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Hints & Tips

When Attending


  • Be polite and considerate to the Host - after all they’re hosting you!
  • Let the Host know if you can’t make the session - nobody likes a no-show.
  • Build up a rapport with the Host and other attendees in the session chat prior to the session.
  • Look after your belongings.

Reviewing the Host (after attending)

  • Reviews should be given out politely, professionally and with an open mind, regardless of whether you enjoyed the Host's company. (After all, everyone is different!)
  • Be aware your session review will be permanently displayed on the Host's profile.
  • If the session was really bad please contact Reelhost for guidance.


When Hosting


  • Ensure you’re engaged within the session chat to get the most out of the event.
  • If you need to change the time and/or date it is good manners to let the attendees know on the session chat prior to changing through the app.
  • If you want to change the film or location you will need to cancel the session and organise a new one.
  • Always double check your session details to avoid any confusion on the day.
  • “Movie etiquette” allows you to avoid awkward situations and gives attendees an understanding of your expectations. We have some suggested auto selections below but you can add your own too.
    • Areas which are out of limits for attendees.
    • No shoes in the house
    • No smoking
    • Phones on silent


  • Attendees will expect a clean and welcoming environment. 

Reviewing your attendees (when hosting)

  • Reviews should be given out politely, professionally and with an open mind, regardless of whether you enjoyed their company. (After all everyone is different!)
  • Be aware users will be able to see your review on their profile when requesting to host/join future sessions. Remember, what goes around comes around.

Star rating as a guide

No review.
I wouldn’t attend another session.
Session could have been a lot better.
Session was good. I’d host/attend again
I had a great time. I’d recommend to other users.
I had an awesome time! I’d really recommend to other users.

Extra tips

  • Only send the location of the session when you’re happy with the attendees wanting to join your session.
  • Remove any attendee from the session if you feel you are being pressured to send your location details.
  • Always check the profiles of the requesting attendees to ensure that they have a fully verified account.
  • Do not give out financial information to other attendees.
  • Do not leave items of monetary value lying around in communal areas.

Socialising safely

With an up and coming, constantly growing community, the safety of our users is paramount.

Meeting people is exciting and interesting no matter what the scenario. However it’s vital to follow basic rules when meeting new people both online and offline.

As a user we encourage you to read the safety tips below along with the “Hints & Tips“ in the interests of your well being and personal safety. Please remember these safety tips should not be a substitute for your own personal judgement.


Protect your financial information.  Never respond to requests for financial information or money. Report to  Reelhost immediately. (No matter what the situation, when wiring money online you have no protection and will be unable to reverse your actions.)

For more information on online scams click the hyperlink

If you suspect suspicious activity from another user, block and report the account. (The person will not know you have blocked their account.) 

Keep the chat dialogue on the platform.  Do not move conversations to e-mail, text or phone.

Leave the session if you feel uncomfortable with the Host.

Here are some examples below of suspicious behaviour:

  • Spam, solicitation & invitations

  • Selling products or services
  • No profile picture uploaded
  • Under age persons using the platform
  • Requests for personal photographs
  • Requests for donations or money
  • User sending inappropriate/harassing messages
  • User's behaviour inappropriately changing after a series of messages


Build up a rapport with the other users online before meeting them. False users will try to migrate communication off the platform. Check their profile is verified with reviews from previous users. Always read the session details and learn as much about the session as you can before you request or attend a session.

Check out the location.  Make sure it's not in a remote area. Plan ahead how you will get to and from the session.

Tell family or close friends of your plans and ensure that you are contactable at all times.

Avoid drinking alcohol as this can impair judgement and prevent you from thinking clearly.

Never be the last to leave the session.  If at all you feel uncomfortable leave the session immediately.

Try to host/attend sessions that have a mixture of genders.

Finally remember, if you ever find your personal safety is threatened, contact local emergency services.

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