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Frequently Asked Questions

Reelhost Overview

What is Reelhost?

A social app with a global vision, designed to bring like-minded people together through a facilitated private event in your own home.

A social community forum for users who enjoy watching films. Users have the ability to host their own movie night with a small group of local users in the comfort of their own home.

Reelhost is like a social Airbnb.  Films are just the beginning…

Our core values are to improve social interaction offline between small groups of users through a mutual interest, whilst building an online community of local users who can connect with one another.

How does Reelhost work?

Reelhost is an event facilitator allowing users to organise friends or meet new people online. 

Reelhost is the first app to connect people through films in a social environment.

Users can build connections by either:

•    Hosting your own movie night      
•    Attending a movie night

What is the minimum age requirement?

Reelhost minimum age is 18.

Is Reelhost available on Android?

Unfortunately, it's not. However, we are currently developing a version for Android users. If you fancy joining the BETA click this link to sign up - CLICK HERE

Signing Up and Getting Started

Where can I download Reelhost?

Reelhost is available in your App Store.  You can donwload it using this link - http://bit.ly/Reelhostapp

Is Facebook the only way to sign up?

No! If you're a new user you'll be able to register and login with either your email address or your Facebook account.

We recommend using Facebook as not only are your profile details automatically imported over but your link to Facebook will build your profile.  This reassures other members of the community of your authenticity.

Do I have to pay for Reelhost?

Reelhost is free.

Do I have to add a profile picture?

Yes.  It acts as ID when attending the sessions and builds your profile to ensure we have an authentic and secure community. 

There’s nothing worse than seeing fake profiles! That’s why if we can't see a profile picture within one month of the account creation the profile will be deleted.

Do I have to add my address?

Yes. For the following reasons:-

•    If you are an attendee it allows you to see sessions local to you
•    If you are a host it allows users to see your rough location


Is my address public?

•    Your address is never public
•    Only if you host an event is your address released and only after you have approved the attendees.

My Profile and Account Settings

How do I edit my profile?

Click on the Profile icon in the top right-hand corner.

Press the “profile” tab

Press the Pencil icon in the top right-hand corner and you will be able to fully edit your profile.

How do I delete my account?

Email [email protected] with your full name and we can delete it for you.

How do I request a copy of my personal data?

Email [email protected] with the subject “Personal Data” and one of our team will get back to you.

How do I manage notifications?

You can manage notifications within your phone's notification settings. Currently, you can turn them on or off.

We will be adding more options very soon.

What is a verified profile?

A verified user is an active genuine user who has gone the extra mile to authenticate their profile on Reelhost

How do I get a verified badge for my profile?

Meet the following criteria to be verified:

•    Verify email address
•    Sign in using a social media account
•    Host a movie night and be reviewed by other users
•    Show a profile picture
•    Complete your address

How can I change my location?

Your location is not only set to your home address but to your phone's GPS so that wherever you go you can view or attend Reelhost sessions local to you.

If you believe your location is incorrect please contact our Support team via our website.

How can I enable location services for Reelhost on my iPhone?

To enable location services for Reelhost on iPhone follow these steps:

  1. Open your device settings
  2. Scroll down and select Reelhost 
  3. Find the "Location" option and ensure that "While Using the App" is selected
  4. Toggle the option from "off" to "on"   

  Reelhost will only access your location when you have the app open.

How can I report someone?

To report someone on Reelhost please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the person's profile
  2. Scroll to the bottom of their profile and click on the "Block and Report" button

Be sure to specify the reason for the report. Once we receive the report, we'll review it ASAP.

How can I report a fake profile?

If you come across a profile that you believe is fake, follow these steps to report it:

  1. Tap on the user's bio
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the "Block and Report" option 
  3. Select the option to "Report"


What is hosting?

If you host on Reelhost you’re the real deal.

Hosting on Reelhost is the act of inviting other users from the community over to your home

Hosts are the vital part of the Reelhost community.  We salute you.

How do I set up a session?

It’s simple. Just follow these steps:

1.  Press the Hosting button (button here)
2.  Tap “host a new movie session”
3.  Press “select a movie title” and type the name of the film you want to host
4.  Pick a date and time. It must be at least 4 hours in the future
5.  Decide your movie rules - there are already some suggestions listed
6.  Fill out session details.  This could a description of the kind of host you are, whether you have pets or even requests for attendees to bring snacks! DO NOT put your address in here - you only release this information once you’re happy with the attendees coming along.


How do I cancel a session?

If you need to cancel and already have people attending we recommend you let them know through the session chat before you cancel through the app. They then receive a notification once you have cancelled the session.

To cancel you do the following:

1.  Click the hosting button (button here)
2.  Press on the session you wish to cancel
3.  In the top right corner press the pencil (edit button)
4.  Scroll to the button and press” cancel this session”

How do I change the session details?

If you're changing details of a session it's polite to let attendees know beforehand.

To edit a session, do the following (Note you can’t edit any session details within 4 hours of the session starting:

1.  Click the hosting button (button here)
2.  Press on the session you wish to edit
3.  In the top right corner press the pencil (edit button)
4.  Edit away!

How do I remove someone from a session?


1.  Click the hosting button (button here)
2.  Press on the relevant session
3.  Click on "see messages"
4.  Click on the attendees button in the right-hand corner (button here)
5.  Click on the profile of the attendee you need to remove
6.  Scroll to the bottom of that attendee and click "remove from the session".

If the attendee has been abusive in any way report them to the Reelhost team.

What happens when I share my address? Is it public?

The Host's address is only shared with the attendees within that session. it won’t be made public to anyone else.

After two hours of going live the address is removed.

Can users see my location when the events go live?

Only the attendees within the session.


Who is an Attendee?

An attendee is someone who attends a hosted session through Reelhost.

Can an Attendee rate a Host?


The Reelhost community is generated and regulated by the users.

Attendees review the Host.  Hosts review Attendees.

Are there any rules when attending?

The Host sets the rules, eg shoes off at the door.

We recommend the following guidelines.

•    Be polite and considerate to the Host
•    Let the Host know if you can’t make an event
•    Look after your belongings
•    Build up a rapport with the Host in the session chat (along with other attendees) prior to the session


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