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What is Reelhost?

Reelhost is a social community for film fans to meet friends and make friends. Host a movie night with a small group in the comfort of your own home. Reelhost is like a social Airbnb where films are just the beginning…

Real people. Real experiences

We're aware of the effects social media has on society and we're doing something about it.

Reelhost is about bringing back a sense of community for young adults allowing users to organise their own event in their own home whilst allowing friends and local like-minded people to request to join too.

Real people. Real experiences

Who attends is up to you

When you host a session you're in complete control - having the ability to accept and decline invites and also chat within session chat to get to know potential attendees. Only when you're happy with the attendees do you release your private address to those attending.

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